Luxury Italian modern furniture directly imported from Italy. Welcome to our modern luxury world.



Modern Italian furniture collection


Browse our collection of modern Italian living room and bedroom furniture. Specialized in high end Italian modern sofas, sofa beds, dining tables and chairs, Italian bedroom furniture and accessories.Exclusively made in northern Italy and highly customizable in sizes and colors.

Italian Mid Century furniture Collection


Authentic Italian Mid Century furniture directly outsourced from Italy, one of a kind collector pieces from the big 'Maestri' of the Post War Italian period and beyond, from the 1930s to the 1970s. Italian storage pieces, sofas, and home decor accessories.

Italian Contract furniture collection


For your residential or contract products browse our vast selection of furniture suitable for most projects such as hotels, resorts, spas, boutiques and entertainment spaces. Choose the quality of Italian design for your luxury projects.


“Furniture is not all of the same, research, design, materials, craftsmanships contribute in making a magnificent furniture piece. As in fashion, there is so much variety out there but are you really sure of what you are buying? Is your furniture rally Italian made? ”


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