Modern Wall Units: from smaller to massive layouts, one does it all. 

Our designer Wall Unit modular system is an impressive substitution to the old concepts of wall designs. Modular Wall modules combined through a mixing of sizes and shapes, colors and textures. Our Modern Wall Units are ready to improve any wall from smaller to bigger spaces: combine horizontal or vertical elements, choose between a wide array of colors and materials and dare to create uncommon and exciting wall units for every project need. All our wall modular units are made in Italy. 



Italian design and Italian quality, innovative materials, lacquer and wood colors options, multiple modules. 




A work of art !

“My designer helped creating an unusual wall unit for my high ceiling wall and now I keep getting compliments from friend and family!”


Beautiful materials!

“I am impressed by the selection of choices and the luxury materials used, it's uncommon to find this quality nowadays!”

New restyling !

“My urban city loft has got a new restyling and this wall system is a perfect industrial modern addition ”



Designer Wall  Units Furniture made in Italy

Wall Units like you've never seen before, where the warm woods play a major role; natural and visible veneering and knots for the aged wood specially treated with wax oils to create a mature and porous wood rich in details almost primordial. The wood is sided by special warm colors in a matt lacquer finish. Play with this wall unit to create unusual designs, add and combine pieces , add some industrial touch through the use of brushed metal elements or industrial armed glass. A comprehensive collection of different and unique Italian styles, high quality wall systems made in Italy.