The perfect sofa bed. Italian made.

You do not have to be frustrated in researching a good quality modern sofa beds. There are many different qualities out there but what's most important when choosing a sofa bed is what you don't see. They may look alike but we guarantee they are very much different. Our Italian sofa beds are of the highest quality, they are exclusively made in Northern Italy on order and imported from Italy. The patented mechanism are strong and designed to last. Every single detail in a sofa bed is important, don't underestimate quality when choosing a furniture piece with mechanical parts. 



Our Italian sofa beds have a modern design, available in standard or sectional layouts, strong and easy to open with one touch operation system, storage hidden pockets to store pillows or sheets, completely able to be disassembled, completely removable covering, multiple fabric options, high quality material, patented bed mechanism, multiple mattress choices



Queen size Italian sofa beds
Starting at 5,200$

Italian sectional sofa beds
Starting at 7,000$




Clever and easy to use

“Don't need to move any cushion, mess free room, simply unfold and use it.”


Removable covering!

“The cover is completely removable so If it gets dirty I can just order a new cover without buying a new sofa bed!”

The perfect size

“I found the perfect size for my room without compromising the sleeping area, I can use the sofa bed everyday.”



Your modern sofa bed is waiting.

We have a wide selection of Italian sofa bed to suit your need. Whether you are looking to design your living room or simply need extra sleeping solution for your den or studio we have the perfect sofa bed, from a compact design to wide sectional compositions. Our Italian sofa beds and sectional sofa bed are available in multiple compositions, with chaise lounges or storage options. Made in Northern Italy, top quality Italian design.