Modern Italian bar stools, a bundle of luxury details.

Elegance and durability, design and aesthetic details. Our selection of Italian bar stools and Italian counter stools are suitable for your home or for any contract projects. The lush leather is thick and lovely wraps each stool through a refined stitching work. Thirty different modern colors from the most common ones to vibrant and cool hues. Want a more dramatic look? choose a different color stitching to create decisive pattern. Go beyond ordinary with our luxury Italian stools. 



Made in Italy modern leather stools with different colors and many luxurious finishes. Tone on tone or contrasting color stitchings. Double thick full grain hide leather from Tuscany leather suppliers.  Standard seat width or extra large full comfort seat at 18".



Leather Stools
Starting at 700$

Fully Wrapped Leather Stools
Starting at 900$



Comfortable sturdy stools

“I am amazed by the lovely thick leather so strong and smooth it reaches up to the feet and beyond!  ”


Superb quality!

" I simply love my designer Italian stools perfectly match my kitchen cabinets colors you could tell the difference!”

My kitchen counter is complete! 

“Finally a comfortable luxury stool! The seat is wide enough for everybody so sturdy ”



Italian leather stools, the cherry on the cake.

Designitalia is proud to offer high end Italian quality furniture which express a modern way to live a home. Our popular collection of bar stools and leather furniture is suitable for multiple purpose. You can use it in your home for your modern kitchen and dining area or for any contract project such as restaurants, bars, hotel and resorts. From simple designs to more sophisticated ones with luxurious finishes, our modern bar stools in many different colors. You can side your selection of bar stools to our modern dining chairs with the same leather and same colors, modern dining tables and some luxury complements.