Italian Mid Century Modern Design: unconditional creativity 

Mixing a piece of history into your modern home is a way to preserve history, to appreciate the work of the hands and minds of the great Italian "Maestri" from the Italian Mid Century period. That is why Designitalia has included a collection of selected, authentic and original Mid Century Furniture, personally outsourced in Italy, restored by the hand of Italian restorers keeping the original signs of time intact, which characterize the quality and importance of this furniture. Even just one piece will enhance your house, pleasure for the eyes. These pieces increase their value in time so invest in your home.



Personally outsourced in Italy

Authentic Italian Mid Century style

Restore to carefully keep its original mean of time

Available for quick ship 


Authentic Mid Century modern design & Antiques. No reproductions.


“Restored to their original appeal yet maintaining their vintage flair intact with normal signs of wear which are the true characteristic sign of authenticity, unique Mid Century modern Italian furniture pieces"

“From the great "Maestri" the masters of the Post War Italian period, designer names such as Gio Ponti, Paolo Buffa, Marco Zanuso, Osvaldo Borsani and many more”


“Selected personally during different business trips to Italy and beyond, Mid Century design pieces and Antiques decor accessories for a luxury modern home”




Past and present into one whole concept 

Designitalia imports different styles of furniture with a modern design and has sided this furniture with authentic Italian Mid Century furniture and few selected Antique pieces acquired during many trips worldwide, exhibited in our past studios and shows. Mid Century modern design which perfectly enrich any modern home, which hold value in time and are a true pleasure to exhibit. Works of art. Our collection of Mid Century Modern Design includes works by Paolo Buffa, Osvaldo Borsani, Marco Zanuso, Franco Albini, Pierluigi Colli, Gio Ponti and other Italian Maestri from the Post-War period. Italian Mid Century buffets, sofas, chairs, armchairs and other furniture for the home.