Modern Italian dining room chairs with high quality materials made in Italy.

You might not notice much difference when choosing a dining chair for your dining room set. Well we know there are so many differences in the structural elements, solid wood components, top quality materials such as the leather used and the craftsman work behind every piece. Our Italian dining room chairs use the highest quality materials, they are made in Italy and designed in Italy. The leather used is high quality thick leather from Tuscany suppliers. The designs are unique and original.  



Luxury materials such as leather and solid wood, perfect detailing as visible stitching in contrasting colors or tone on tone, high quality Italian thick hide leather in 30 different colors. 



Dining chairs
Starting at 700$

Luxury leather chairs
Starting at 900$



Leather all over ! 

“My leather dining chair is magnificent, the leather cover every angle of my chair up to the bottom of the legs. Easy to clean! 


Beautiful colors!

" I was amazed by the lovely palette of colors , many different hues to choose from for just one simple chair!”

My patio furniture looks good! 

“I was determined to have a beautiful patio to complement my pool design but all of the furniture around was bland and old style. Then I found these incredible outdoor furniture designs!”



Modern Italian dining room chairs, thought to inspire.

Whether you are looking for a luxury dining leather chair or a stackable chair for your patio furniture we have the solution for you. Designitalia can provide an extensive collection of modern dining chairs which goes beyond the collection published on this site. Trade business has used our services for hotels and resorts projects, for office designs and for residential. Private customers have found their dream dining room set, unique and different from the mass production which is most certainly appealing, but lack the quality and design of our Italian furniture collection. We can provide wood and leather dining chairs, for indoor and outdoor spaces, with matching Italian dining tables and dining buffets. Do not compromise your luxury home, choose high quality Italian furniture by Designitalia.