Italian Designer Sofas: sit back and relax

Sit up, push back and relax ! Smart easy way to "adjust" your sofa comfort 

Another great Italian sofa is available through our selection of living room sectional modern sofas. This lovely designer sofa is available in two or three seats version and can also be bought in sectional versions with multiple designs. Each back cushions features a smart inside mechanism which allows to adjust and slightly recline the back. 


This Italian Designer Sofa is available in a wide selection of modern fabrics and in a luxurious full grain leather available in different colors. The structure is made of wood padded with polyurethane foam and a layer of down feathers. Designitalia offers a wide range of modern Italian sofas each with distinctive features and with flexible options,  but all with a superior quality from Italian craftsman and designers.


Sectional Sofa with different elements to create personalized modern compositions. The back cushions can be equipped with protective covers (optional)