Italian Design looks at a more open home and wants to merge spaces


Italian design is once again bringing us exciting new modern furniture which will transform your home into a luxury residential gem. In the latest designs we are noticing a trend of eliminating home barriers, such as walls, to a more blended multifunctional mixed use home. Designs created for the bedroom can perfectly fit into a living room and so on. 

This new modern bedroom furniture collection is the latest addition from our Italian Design collection. A furniture set made of a long modern platform bed with an oversize headboard whose edges bend forward to create a more intimate and cozy atmosphere. The long quilted modern headboard and the bed frame can be made in luxury Italian leather in different colors or in fabric.

This Italian designer set is completed by a series of modern and top quality complements as the round side tables. Two side tables at different heights and diameter which balance but also contrast the geometrical shapes of the bed creating a more softer and elegant look, with a mix of furniture linear angles and more subtle curves it stands out with a distinctive character. 

These lovely side modern tables can be chosen in a wide selection of materials. Once again, these pieces can be placed anywhere in a home. The biggest Italian furniture companies offer the highest quality material and the most combination of colors and finishes. Several wood finishes and many different lacquer colors in a matt finish. These lovely  side tables are enriched by a cow hide leather top which can be chosen in different colors to create matching or contrasting combinations.

Italian design evolves into new shapes and new forms. Most of our Furniture collection is a combination of research and trends married to technology and creativity. Our Italian furniture companies love to offer 360 degrees design concept where every piece finds its right place in your home yet it can be rearranged as the space tends to merge into one whole. 


This beautiful Italian bedroom set is completed by a smart dresser which is able to hold a flat panel tv. This piece is another example of clever design. Would you see this Italian set in your living room reconsidered as a wall tv system? We do, small spaces welcomed. 


More than a normal bedroom dresser, more than a cupboard, this brand new smart system combine a drawing element with a panel system which is able to hold large flatscreen tvs. Seamless design the all composition is lifted up from the floor giving a sense of lightness to the set. A modern design with three drawers storage section and tv panel which is available in different finishes. 

This Italian design set can be chosen with different dressers designs. Our furniture collection is modular and flexible so different elements can be matched and combined. Our Italian furniture companies offers several combinations and push on this modularity concept which has always be recognized to be one of Italy's top asset especially in the Design industry.

Some of the materials includes light of dark oak finish, walnut finish, brushed oak finish in modern white color and matt lacquer available in more than 30 different hues. 

Our furniture collection renews itself constantly in its design and materials. New modern fabrics, new and fresh bedroom and living room furniture from the best Italy can offer. Our collection of furniture is exclusively made in Italy in the "Brianza" Region, the area North of Milan where all of the best furniture and the biggest Italian companies have their production facilities. Because there are differences in Italian furniture quality even within Italy boundaries.