Designitalia Contemporary Art & Interiors. 

Welcome to Designitalia Art & Interiors: a gallery collection of upcoming and acclaimed Italian Contemporary Artists whose works are aesthetically compelling and perfect for your Interior design projects. Our Italian & International Contemporary Artists are working in a variety of media, focusing on materials and industrial processes, on construction and deconstruction of forms, where the works are transformed from matter into concepts.  

Contemporary Art in a modern designed home can become the focal point and the inspiration for the whole project. The sleek minimalistic and modern Interior Design spaces can leave room to a broad collection of modern art. Our Italian Contemporary Artists collection is driven by an Artistic passion which finds roots in Italian history and the beauty of the Italian countryside and its surroundings.



Innovative and unusual materials combined with Italian creativity. Find our collection of Italian contemporary Art. Paintings, sculpture and decorative collective items.





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Verteramo Jewel Paintings


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