Designitalia modern sofa beds
Modern sofa beds with storage options - sectional sofa bed with storage chaise lounges and storage ottomans
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Modern sofa beds with storage space

Want to get everything organized? then why don't you consider our wide range of sectional sofa beds with storage? You can opt for either a storage chaise lounge or storage ottomans. Plus you will a gorgeous easy to use convertible sofa bed ready anytime you need. Some of the sofa beds also feature two hidden pockets on the back for pillows and sheets storage. Everything at its place without making your room a mess; a clean modern and beautiful solution for your sleeping needs. Our sofa beds are available in fabric and leather in many different options and the cover is fully removable and washable dry clean!

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SS 31 - modern sofa bed with storage
SB 07 - modern sofa beds
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SS 75 - modern sofa bed with storage
SB 08 - modern sofa bed
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SB 10 - modern sofa bed
SB 11 - modern sofa bed
SB 12 - modern sofa bed
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Beautiful sectional sofa beds save space!

Stanard or sectional sofa beds with storage options. Storage space is built into chaise lounges, ottomans and the sofa beds itself. Most of these modern beautiful pieces feature hidden pockets for pillows and sheets storage. Our sofa beds come also in sectional versions, with ottomans or with chaise lounges. Both the ottoman and the chaises have storage space. With us you find hundreds of solution to give your house a beatiful modern look and save space. We have a wide range of transformable and saving space furnitre like sofa beds, tables and beds solutions. Our leather selection is first quality Fiore leather, Italian leather.


SB 09 - modern sofa bed
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